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Founded in 1969, Temple University Press was an early publisher of books in urban studies, housing and labor studies, organizational reform, social service reform, public religion, health care, and cultural studies. It became one of the first university presses to publish in what later became the fields of women's studies and ethnic studies, including Asian American, Latino, and African American studies. The Press publishes award-winning titles in those areas as well as in political science, disability studies, criminology, gender and sexual identity, and sport and society. In addition, Temple is the premiere publisher of books on Philadelphia and the region.  

All projects taken under formal consideration undergo a rigorous process of initial editorial screening, peer review, staff evaluation, and faculty committee approval.  Please read our Policy on Treatment of Offensive Language.



Manuscript Information

For details on content, style, formatting, and delivery requirements, please read the  Guidelines for Submitting Manuscripts.

Please also refer to the following guidelines for additional detail about specific elements, as they apply to your manuscript. 



The following forms should be completed and submitted with your final manuscript. 

Ordering Author Copies

Authors who have published with the Press can order copies of any book published by Temple University Press at a 40% discount. For more information on ordering with your author discount please contact


Annual royalty statements and payments are mailed on or before March 31 for the previous calendar year ending on December 31. Prior to paying author royalties, Temple University Press is required by law to obtain a United States Social Security Number (SSN) or United States Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Authors Fund

Any Temple University Press author can donate all or part of their earned royalties to the TU Press Authors Fund. This fund will be used each year to support the publication of books that might be difficult to publish without financial support and help the Press continue to grow and thrive. If you wish to join the program, please complete the Authors Fund Assignment Form.


Zane L. Miller Book Development Award

In honor of Zane Miller, the late founding editor of our series, Urban Life, Landscape, and Policy, we invite first-time authors to apply for a grant of up to $2,500 to help advance the careers of scholars from underrepresented communities with limited financial resources.  For more information, Zane L. Miller Book Development Award