Political Science and Public Policy

Berlusconi's Italy

Mapping Contemporary Italian Politics

Michael Shin

A richly informed new explanation for the rise and fall of Italy’s colorful Prime Minister

184 pages | 5.5 x 8.25 | 8 tables 19 figures


Bernie Sanders and the Boundaries of Reform

Socialism in Burlington

W. J. Conroy

A reissued edition of a significant case study of the achievements and failures of Bernard Sanders’ radical administration in 1980s Burlington, VT

278 pages | 6 x 9


The Betrayal of the Urban Poor

Helene Slessarev

A devastating account of inadequate attempts to provide economic equality for the urban poor

256 pages | 5.5 x 8.25 | 3 tables


Black Baltimore

A New Theory of Community

Harold McDougall

Community self-help movements in Old West Baltimore provide an example of participatory democracy for other neighborhoods

272 pages | 6 x 9


Black Power Ideologies

An Essay in African American Political Thought

John T. McCartney

Tracing the course of Black Power Movements from the 18th century to the present

264 pages | 6 x 9


Blue-State Republican

How Larry Hogan Won Where Republicans Lose and Lessons for a Future GOP

Mileah K. Kromer

What the story of Maryland's two-term Republican governor can teach us about winning elections

208 pages | 5.5 x 8.25 | 13 tables


The Borders of Justice

Edited by Étienne Balibar, Sandro Mezzadra, and Ranabir Samaddar

Exploring the limits of and contradictions of transitional justice

224 pages | 6 x 9


Broken Promise

The Subversion of U.S. Labor Relations Policy, 1947-1994

James A. Gross

This inside look at government regulations analyzes the failure of the Wagner-Taft-Hartley Act

422 pages | 6 x 9


Building America

The Democratic Promise of Public Work

Harry C. Boyte and Nancy N. Kari

A look to the revival of public-spirited work as a key to the rebirth of democracy

272 pages | 5.5 x 8.25


"Building Like Moses with Jacobs in Mind"

Contemporary Planning in New York City

Scott Larson

How Bloomberg's urban development relies on a blending of Moses and Jacobs

198 pages | 6 x 9


Campaign Advertising and American Democracy

Michael M Franz, Paul Freedman, Ken Goldstein, and Travis N Ridout

Surprising findings about the positive effects of political advertising

256 pages | 6 x 9 | 30 tables 29 figures 7 halftones


Captain America and the Nationalist Superhero

Metaphors, Narratives, and Geopolitics

Jason Dittmer

A provocative exploration of the nationalist comic book superhero genre in the U.S., Canada, and Britain.

242 pages | 6 x 9 | 26 halftones


The Carrot or the Stick for School Desegregation Policy

Magnet Schools or Forced Busing

Christine H. Rossell

The first study comparing the long-term effectiveness of voluntary desegregation plans with magnet programs to mandatory reassignment plans

272 pages | 10 tables


Challenging Beijing's Mandate of Heaven

Taiwan's Sunflower Movement and Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement

Ming-sho Ho

Analyzing the dynamics of two recent nonviolent, student-led protests in light of China’s growth and power

288 pages | 6 x 9 | 5 tables, 6 figures, 2 maps


The Change Election

Money, Mobilization, and Persuasion in the 2008 Federal Elections

Edited by David B. Magleby

A thorough assessment of how the 2008 elections were financed and conducted

336 pages | 6 x 9 | 66 tables, 6 figures