The Arts and Their Philosophies

No longer active. The volumes in The Arts and Their Philosophies, edited by Joseph Margolis, include: overviews of such well-defined sub-disciplines as the philosophy of music, film, and literature; studies of important figures, schools, and movements; monographs on such topics as postmodernism, texts and interpretation, reference in fiction, and the methodology of art history; explorations of the intersection of the arts and other disciplines, such as feminism and interpretation, art and politics; and translations of major works. 

Fire on the Earth

Anselm Kiefer and the Postmodern World

John C. Gilmour

A philosophical case study of Kiefer's work

272 pages | 32 duotones, 11 color illustrations


Sound Sentiment

An Essay on the Musical Emotions

Peter Kivy

Kivy continues his discussion from The Corded Shell of how music possesses expressive properties

304 pages | 6 x 9