Politics, History, and Social Change

This series, edited by John C. Torpey, will disseminate serious works that analyze the social changes that have transformed our world during the twentieth century and beyond. The main topics to be addressed include international migration; human rights; the political uses of history; the past and future of the nation-state; decolonization and the legacy of imperialism; and global inequality. The series will also translate into English outstanding works by scholars writing in other languages.

Art, Politics, and Development

How Linear Perspective Shaped Policies in the Western World

Philipp Lepenies

A brilliant meditation on how the invention of linear perspective in art helped shape our perspectives on the developing world

214 pages | 6 x 9 | 4 figures, 18 halftones


The Borders of Justice

Edited by Étienne Balibar, Sandro Mezzadra, and Ranabir Samaddar

Exploring the limits of and contradictions of transitional justice

224 pages | 6 x 9


Four Germanys

A Chronicle of the Schorcht Family

Donald S. Pitkin

Charting the transformation of East Germany through the lens of one town and one multi-generational family

316 pages | 6 x 9


French Gastronomy and the Magic of Americanism

Rick Fantasia

Analyzing the effects of corporate-driven global industrial processes on the practices, and the practitioners, of French gastronomy

240 pages | 6 x 9 | 7 tables, 9 figures, 2 halftones


From Black Power to Hip Hop

Racism, Nationalism, and Feminism

Patricia Hill Collins

A provocative analysis of the new contours of black nationalism and feminism in America

256 pages | 6 x 9


The Holocaust and Memory in the Global Age

Daniel Levy and Natan Sznaider

How collective memory of the Holocaust advances human rights in the Global Age

240 pages | 5.5 x 8.25


How Many Exceptionalisms?

Explorations in Comparative Macroanalysis

Aristide Zolberg

A collection of essays on the importance of comparative cultural analysis

376 pages | 6 x 9 | 12 tables, 1 figure


The Identity Dilemma

Social Movements and Collective Identity

Edited by Aidan McGarry and James M. Jasper

Are identity politics good or bad for social movements?

228 pages | 6 x 9 | 7 tables, 10 figures


Imagined Liberation

Xenophobia, Citizenship, and Identity in South Africa, Germany, and Canada

Heribert Adam and Kogila Moodley

A comparative examination of hostility towards migrants around the world

250 pages | 6 x 9


Nearest East

American Millennialism and Mission to the Middle East

Hans-Lukas Kieser

How missionaries and evangelical politics influenced American government policy in the Middle East

224 pages | 6 x 9


The Protestant Ethic Revisited

Philip S. Gorski

Essays on the contradictory resurgence of religion and liberalism in the twenty-first century by one of the most important voices in the study of the sociology of religion

342 pages | 6 x 9


Resentment's Virtue

Jean Améry and the Refusal to Forgive

Thomas Brudholm

Is forgiveness always the proper moral response to collective violence?

254 pages | 6 x 9


Revolutionary Passage

From Soviet to Post-Soviet Russia, 1985-2000

Marc Garcelon

From perestroika to Putin: a recent history of Russia's turbulent transformation from communist to post-communist nation

328 pages | 6 x 9 | 3 tables, 5 figures, 2 halftones


Seeking Mandela

Heribert Adam and Kogila Moodley

Lessons from South Africa for the unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict

248 pages | 6 x 9


Sins of the Parents

The Politics of National Apologies in the United States

Brian A. Weiner

Should governments apologize for past wrongs done in their name?

256 pages | 5.5 x 8.25