Announcing a new series
Intersectionality publishes timely and dynamic new research on intersectional politics. Drawing from complex origins in articulations of identity and power as well as applications of intersectionality as methodology and as an analytical tool, this series highlights the breadth and depth of intersectional research, its evolution in the social sciences, and the significance of intersectionality to understanding of—and political organizing amidst—contemporary politics. We invite manuscripts that both engage and expand the terrain of research in political science, and especially racial/ethnic and gender politics through an intersectional lens; that develop new questions and innovative approaches to enduring themes of power, inequality, and social justice using intersectionality; and/or research that foregrounds the centrality of intersectional identities, approaches, and practices to understanding contemporary politics. We invite both theoretically rich and empirically dynamic research derived from a broad array of social science disciplines that takes an intersectional approach to enduring political questions, as well as work that employs multiple methods simultaneously. While much of the work in this series will focus on intersectionality as manifest in the context of the U.S., we are open to innovative research that highlights specific cases and locations, as well as cross-national, transnational, comparative, and globally minded work. 
Proposals may be submitted to Temple University Press Editor-in-Chief Aaron Javsicas or the series editors: Julia Jordan-Zachery,  Celeste Montoya, and Anna Sampaio.

Refounding Democracy through Intersectional Activism

How Progressive Era Feminists Redefined Who We Are, and What It Means Today

Wendy Sarvasy

Forthcoming Spring 2024
Theorizes a useable radical past for intersectional activists today

318 pages | 6 x 9