Black Male Studies

Black male studies is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to exploring the various developmental trajectories and the vulnerabilities (racial, sexual, economic) of Black men and boys in the United States and abroad. Building from established post-intersectional frameworks (e.g. social dominance theory, global South masculinities), this series looks to fill the gaps in the existing masculinities literatures that often assign the peculiar sexual violence and particular lethal oppression racially subjugated men have suffered throughout history to our more generic understanding of racism. Books published in this series would strive to create empirically informed theories of Black men and boys that can motivate our understanding of Black males beyond problem and pathology.

Black Male Studies, edited by Tommy J. Curry, also welcomes innovative comparative and international projects drawing parallels between Black males and the experiences of other racialized males affected by deportation, genocide, poverty, and regional conflict and war.

The Man-Not

Race, Class, Genre, and the Dilemmas of Black Manhood

Tommy J. Curry

Introduces the conceptual foundations for Black Male Studies, going beyond gender theories that cast the Black Male as a pathological aspiring patriarch

298 pages | 6 x 9