Conference on South Asia 2021

Temple University Press is committed to supporting the scholarship of the Annual Conference on South Asia. From titles focused on the communities, culture, history, and politics of South Asia in the region to studies of the diaspora, South Asian Studies are a critical part of the Press' program. With series like Asian American History and Culture highlighting the most recent scholarship, the Press seeks to publish cutting edge research in the field. Please find a sampling of some recent and backlist titles below!
For submission inquiries, please contact the editor for the field, Shaun Vigil
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Between the Lines

Intense and sometimes contentious debates about South Asian identity

BITS of Belonging

An ethnographic investigation of the class politics that underscore the emergence of neoliberalism in urban India

Classical Hindu Mythology

Fresh translations of the Mahapuranas, many available in English for the first time

Crossing the Border to India

How the changing political economy of rural Nepal informs the desire and agency of young male migrants who seek work in cities

Culinary Fictions

An exploration of how and why food matters in the culture and literature of the South Asian diaspora

Dream Machine

How Hindi cinema has reflected the Indian public's self-understanding and posited new possibilities for national and individual identities

The End of Empires

A trailblazing book that details the close historic ties between Black America and India over the decades

Ethical Encounters

Illuminates how visual practices of recollecting violent legacies in Bangladeshi cinema can generate possibilities for gender justice Read a blog entry by the author

The Evolution of a Cricket Fan

An autobiographical account of a cricket lover’s journey across nations and identities

Graphic Migrations

Examines “what remains” in migration stories surrounding the 1947 Partition of India

Reading India Now

What literary criticism looks like when it becomes attuned to the unspectacular present

The United States of India

Examines a network of intellectuals who attempted to reimagine and reshape the relationship between the U.S. and India

Violent Belongings

How the Partition of India set in motion the violence, ethnic divisions, and dislocations that continue into our own time