Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Commemorating this significant milestone with these bestselling, groundbreaking, and memorable titles from 1969–2019.

"Building Like Moses with Jacobs in Mind"

How Bloomberg's urban development relies on a blending of Moses and Jacobs

Acres of Diamonds

A new edition of the classic inspirational speech

The Afrocentric Idea

Asante's spirited engagement with culture warriors, neocons, and postmodernists updates this classic

The Audacity of Hoop

The influence Barack Obama has had on basketball and vice versa, in essays and photographs

Behind the Backlash

How Muslim-American identity has been shaped by 9/11 and its after effects

Beyond Preservation

A framework for stabilizing and strengthening inner-city neighborhoods through the public interpretation of historic landscapes

The Black Female Body

Recovering a photographic legacy

Boathouse Row

A magisterial history of Philadelphia's iconic Boathouse Row

Cheap Amusements

The dilemmas of work and leisure for women at the turn-of-the-century

City in a Park

How Philadelphia’s early efforts at conservation led to the country’s greatest park system

Classical Hindu Mythology

Fresh translations of the Mahapuranas, many available in English for the first time

Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

The opinions—and evolution—of Michael Smerconish, the provocative radio/TV host and political pundit

The Cost of Being a Girl

Traces the origins of the gender wage gap to part-time teenage work, which sets up a dynamic that persists into adulthood

Don't Call Me Inspirational

A disabled woman confronts body image, sexuality, bias, discrimination, and condescension as she fashions an independent and fulfilling life

Envisioning Emancipation

What freedom looked like for black Americans in the Civil War era


A beautifully written, dramatic memoir from one of women's history's founders

Forgotten Philadelphia

Lost treasures of Philadelphia architecture come to life again

Frankie Manning

The autobiography of a legendary swing dancer-who is still swinging

From Black Power to Hip Hop

A provocative analysis of the new contours of black nationalism and feminism in America

The Gender Knot

A compelling approach to gender inequality that empowers both men and women to be part of the solution instead of just part of the problem

Healing Our Divided Society

Examining inequality in America fifty years after the Kerner Report

Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts

How do historians know what they know?

I Walked with Giants

A life in music portrayed by an NEA jazz master and his legendary friends

Introduction to Animal Rights

A guidebook for examining our personal and ethical beliefs about human treatment of animals

Just Queer Folks

Uncovering the history of gender and sexual nonconformity in rural America, with a focus on the Midwest during the first half of the twentieth century.

Liberating Service Learning and the Rest of Higher Education Civic Engagement

Challenging—and changing—our thinking about higher education community engagement


From the best-selling author of Flow comes a love letter to the Philadelphia region, its places, and its people

The Man-Not

Introduces the conceptual foundations for Black Male Studies, going beyond gender theories that cast the Black Male as a pathological aspiring patriarch

My Soul's Been Psychedelicized Electric Factory

Philadelphia's popular music scene and the concert promoters who shaped it for more than forty years

The New York Young Lords and the Struggle for Liberation

A landmark history of the New York Young Lords, and what their activism tells us about contemporary Latino/a politics

Out in the Union

A groundbreaking history of queer activists who advanced the causes of labor organizing and LGBT rights

P is for Philadelphia

A primer on the City of Brotherly Love, illustrated by the children of Philadelphia, for the children of Philadelphia


Revealing the physical and cultural intricacies of Philadelphia, from the intimate to the monumental

Philadelphia Murals and the Stories They Tell

The most important public art program in the United States

The Possessive Investment in Whiteness

The twentieth anniversary edition of a widely influential book—now updated to address racial privilege in the age of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, and Donald Trump

Presenting the Past

Lively and accessible essays examine the rapidly growing field called "public history"

Silent Gesture

The story of the most famous protest in sports history, written by one of the men who staged it

Sticky Rice

Creating a queer genealogy of Asian American literary criticism

Still Philadelphia

Photographic memories of Philadelphia, volume 1

Tasting Freedom

The life and times of the extraordinary Octavius Catto, and the first civil rights movement in America

Terrorizing Latina/o Immigrants

A comprehensive analysis of changes in immigration policy, politics, and enforcement since 9/11

There Goes the 'Hood

How does gentrification affect residents who stay in the neighborhood?

Undocumented Fears

How the local politics of immigration pit working people against one another


Why Cambodian refugees experience life in the U.S. as a form of captivity, since self-sufficiency remains an elusive goal

We Make the Road by Walking

Two pioneers of education discuss their diverse experiences and ideas

Who Will Speak for America?

Forty American writers mark a vital new age of protest and possibility

Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It

A forceful argument for why we need to repeal drug prohibition