Southern Political Science Association 2022

Temple University Press offers a well-established list in the politics of social change as well as several exciting, cutting-edge new book series. Editor-in-Chief Aaron Javsicas seeks proposals for new projects in a number of areas including African American politics, women and politics, urban politics, environmental politics and policy, and religion and politics.   

The Press is especially excited to announce our new book series Intersectionality, edited by Julia Jordan-Zachery, Celeste Montoya, and Anna Sampaio. This series will publish timely and dynamic new research on intersectional politics in the social sciences, drawing from its complex origins in articulations of identity and power as well as applications of intersectionality as methodology and as an analytical tool. 

If you would like to schedule a time to discuss your book proposal, please contact Aaron Javsicas.

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The Civil Rights Lobby - Shamira Gelbman • Friday, January 14 @ 9:30am
Islam, Justicem and Democracy - Sabri Ciftci • Saturday, January 15 @ 8:00am

The Civil Rights Lobby

Investigates how minority group, labor, religious, and other organizations worked together to lobby for civil rights reform during the 1950s and ’60s

The Evangelical Crackup?

Explaining evangelicalism’s relationship to the party system

Feminist Post-Liberalism

Reconciling liberalism and feminist theory

Islam, Justice, and Democracy

Explores the connection between Muslim conceptions of justice and democratic orientations

Public Schools, Private Governance

A comprehensive examination of education reforms and their political effects on Black and poor public-school parents in New Orleans, pre- and post-Katrina

Push Back, Move Forward

An in-depth explanation of the coalition dynamics—origin, workings, strengths, and weaknesses—of the National Council of Women’s Organizations

Reinventing the Austin City Council

Examining how Austin, Texas changed the way it elects its city council—and why it matters

Rude Democracy

A look at how civility and incivility are strategic weapons on the state of American democracy, now with a new Preface for 2020

Women Take Their Place in State Legislatures

Investigating the opportunities, resources, and frames that women utilize to create legislative caucuses