Association for Asian American Studies 2022

Temple University Press has a long-standing commitment to supporting the scholarship and mission of the Association for Asian American Studies. With titles focused on community, culture, history, politics, media, literature and beyond, Asian American Studies is at the foundation of Temple's publishing program. From preeminent series such as Asian American History and Culture to newer series including Critical Race, Indigeneity, and Relationality and Dis/Color, Temple is at the forefront of scholarship in the field. Please find a sampling of some recent and backlist titles below!
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Asian American Connective Action in the Age of Social Media

Examines how social media has changed the way Asian Americans participate in politics

Campaigns of Knowledge

Making visible the afterlives of U.S. colonial and occupation tutelage in the Philippines and Japan

Constructing the Enemy

An argument, based in history, law, literature, and philosophy, for empathy as an integral part of decisions about who will be designated an enemy of the state

Culinary Fictions

An exploration of how and why food matters in the culture and literature of the South Asian diaspora

The Day the Dancers Stayed

Exploring the ways that cultural celebrations challenge official accounts of the past while reinventing culture and history for Filipino American college students

Elaine Black Yoneda

The remarkable story of a Jewish activist who joined her incarcerated Japanese American husband and son in an American concentration camp

Giving Back

Explores transnational giving practices as political projects that shape the Filipino diaspora

Graphic Migrations

Examines “what remains” in migration stories surrounding the 1947 Partition of India

Illegal Immigrants/Model Minorities

Examines how Chinese American writers sought to address Cold War–driven official narratives in literature, mass media, and law

Japanese American Millennials

A groundbreaking study of ethnic identity and community in the everyday lives of Japanese American millennials

The Making of Asian America through Political Participation

A fascinating look at how race ethnicity and transnationalism help construct a complex American electorate

Model Machines

A study of the stereotype and representation of Asians as robotic machines through history

Modeling Citizenship

In fiction and nonfiction, Asian Americans and Jewish Americans grapple with their "model minority" status and the contested nature of citizenship

Ocean Passages

Comparing and contrasting the diverse experiences of Asian and Pacific Islander subjectivities across a shared sea

Passing for Perfect

How does it feel to be model minority—and why would that drive one to live a lie?

Pedagogies of Woundedness

What happens when illness betrays Asian American fantasies of indefinite progress?

Prisoner of Wars

The life of Pao Yang, whose experiences defy conventional accounts of the Vietnam War

Q & A

A vibrant array of scholarly and personal essays, poetry, and visual art that broaden ideas and experiences about contemporary LGBTQ Asian North America


Examines the insidious ramifications of the un-ended Korean War through an interdisciplinary archive of diasporic memory works

Reframing Transracial Adoption

A provocative critique of transnational, transracial adoption from a critical race and feminist perspective and a vision for reform

The Rise and Fall of America's Concentration Camp Law

Dissecting the complex relationship among race, national security, and civil liberties in “the age of American concentration camps”

Sticky Rice

Creating a queer genealogy of Asian American literary criticism

The Subject(s) of Human Rights

Considers the ways Asian American studies has engaged with humanitarian crises and large-scale violations

The United States of India

Examines a network of intellectuals who attempted to reimagine and reshape the relationship between the U.S. and India


Why Cambodian refugees experience life in the U.S. as a form of captivity, since self-sufficiency remains an elusive goal

Unsettled Solidarities

Illuminates the intersecting logics of settler colonialism and racialization through analysis of contemporary Asian and Indigenous crossings in the Américas

Warring Genealogies

Examines the racial legacies of the Korean War through Chicano/a cultural production and U.S. archives of white supremacy

Water Thicker Than Blood

An evocative yet unsparing examination of the damaging effects of post-internment ideologies of acceptance and belonging experienced by a Japanese American family

Where I Have Never Been

Reframing the Asian American literary tradition through stories of return to Asia