Spring 2001

Achieving Against the Odds

How Academics Become Teachers of Diverse Students

Edited by Esther Kingston-Mann and Tim Sieber

Compelling essays on non-traditional students written by non-traditional faculty

240 pages | 6 x 9


A Century of Philadelphia Sports

Rich Westcott

An engaging history of sports in the Philadelphia area during the twentieth century

400 pages | 7 x 10 | 151 halftones


The Critical Study of Work

Labor, Technology, and Global Production

Edited by Rick Baldoz, Charles Koeber, and Philip Kraft

Essays that challenge the benefits of globalization and new technologies

296 pages | 7 x 10 | 4 tables, 1 figure


Dark Continent of Our Bodies

Black Feminism and the Politics of Respectability

E. Frances White

A spirited and provocative engagement of black feminism

208 pages | 5.5 x 8.25


The Effects of the Nation

Mexican Art in an Age of Globalization

Edited by Carl Good, and John V Waldron

How are national identity and the arts intertwined?

232 pages | 6 x 9 | 19 halftones


Elie Wiesel and the Politics of Moral Leadership

Mark Chmiel

A sobering critique of the renowned Jewish writer and philosopher Wiesel

248 pages | 6 x 9


From Good Will to Civil Rights

Transforming Federal Disability Policy

Richard K. Scotch

An updated edition of the landmark book on disability policy

232 pages | 5.5 x 8.25


Great Home Runs of the 20th Century

Rich Westcott

Veteran sportswriter champions 30 of the most memorable homers—from Babe Ruth to Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa

232 pages | 6 x 9 | 37 halftones


Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts

Charting the Future of Teaching the Past

Sam Wineburg

How do historians know what they know?

272 pages | 6 x 9 | 8 tables 3 figures 3 halftones


Hollywood Modernism

Film and Politics in the Age of the New Deal

Saverio Giovacchini

An intellectual history of the Hollywood community and its wartime films

304 pages | 6 x 9


Law and Order and School

Daily Life in an Educational Program for Juvenile Delinquents

Shira Birnbaum

A powerful look at the state of a juvenile justice agency and its effect on the students it serves

208 pages | 5.5 x 8.25


Mapping Gay L.A.

The Intersection of Place and Politics

Moira Rachel Kenney

How gays and lesbians put themselves on the map of Los Angeles

240 pages | 5.5 x 8.25 | 5 figures, 5 maps


Modern American Queer History

edited by Allida M. Black

Essays considering the history of queer lives in America

312 pages | 7 x 10 | 1 figure, 2 halftones


Rubble Films

German Cinema in the Shadow of the Third Reich

Robert R Shandley

An insightful analysis of German film in the immediate postwar era

240 pages | 6 x 9 | 19 halftones


Seeking Community in a Global City

Guatemalans and Salvadorans in Los Angeles

Nora Hamilton and Norma Stoltz Chinchilla

A look at the challenges faced by Central American immigrants in Los Angeles

304 pages | 6 x 9 | 12 tables, 2 figures, 22 halftones, 5 maps