Spring 1989

Before It's Too Late

The Child Guidance Movement in the United States, 1922-1945

Margo Horn

A history of the Commonwealth Fund, 1922-1945

260 pages


Beyond the Barricades

The Sixties Generation Grows Up

Jack Whalen, and Richard Flacks

Where do young revolutionaries go when the revolution doesn’t happen?

324 pages


Citizen Lawmakers

The Ballot Initiative Revolution

David D. Schmidt

The stories of the individual activists and political groups that revitalized this use of Initiative and Referendum

352 pages

Evaluating Art

George Dickie

A theory about how to judge a work of art—as opposed to a theory that explains why a particular work is defined as art

208 pages


Facing The Death Penalty

Essays on a Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Edited by Michael L. Radelet

An in-depth examination of what life under a sentence of death is like

264 pages


Living Morally

A Psychology of Moral Character

Laurence Thomas

What constitutes a moral life? How does one acquire and maintain a good moral character?

278 pages


Looking Up at Down

The Emergence of Blues Culture

William Barlow

The evolution of the various strands of blues music

464 pages


Passion and Power

Sexuality in History

Edited by Christina Simmons, and Kathy Peiss

Innovative writings on the history of sexuality

328 pages | 6 x 9 | 32 figs.


Rebuilding a Low-Income Housing Policy

Rachel G Bratt

A new strategy proposed for producing affordable housing for low-income people through non-profit community-based organizations

368 pages