Fall 2005

The African American Jeremiad

Appeals for Justice in America

David Howard-Pitney

An enduring verbal tradition links African American leaders from Frederick Douglass to Malcolm X to Alan Keyes

288 pages | 5.5 x 8.25


Animal Passions and Beastly Virtues

Reflections on Redecorating Nature

Marc Bekoff

An engaging, thoughtful look at the science and ethics of research into animal behavior

320 pages | 6 x 9 | 3 tables


Chinese American Transnationalism

The Flow of People, Resources, and Ideas between China and America during the Exclusion Era

Edited by Sucheng Chan

The third volume in a trilogy that offers the most comprehensive account to date of the Chinese American experience during the exclusion era

312 pages | 6 x 9 | 38 tables, 1 halftone


Courts, Liberalism, and Rights

Gay Law and Politics in the United States and Canada

Jason Pierceson

Understanding approaches to liberalism through the study of the politics of gay and lesbian rights

264 pages | 6 x 9


The Disenfranchisement of Ex-Felons

Elizabeth A. Hull

A thought-provoking look at one population's loss of voting rights in the United States

232 pages | 5.5 x 8.25 | 3 tables


Disorders of Desire

Sexuality and Gender in Modern American Sexology

Janice M. Irvine

How our notions about sexual behavior and sexuality have been influenced by sexology, from its roots in nineteenth century Europe to Kinsey's research to the current Viagra Revolution

320 pages | 6 x 9



The Video Data Bank Catalog of Video Art and Artist Interviews

Edited by Kate Horsfield and Lucas Hilderbrand

Historic documentation of the development of art-based, activist, and alternative media in the U.S.

360 pages | 8.5 x 11 | 325 halftones


From Black Power to Hip Hop

Racism, Nationalism, and Feminism

Patricia Hill Collins

A provocative analysis of the new contours of black nationalism and feminism in America

256 pages | 6 x 9


From Tian'anmen to Times Square

Transnational China and the Chinese Diaspora on Global Screens, 1989-1997

Gina Marchetti

How media depictions of Chinese culture have changed, from the Tian'anmen Square uprising to the British return of Hong Kong to China

320 pages | 6 x 9 | 2 figures, 40 halftones


The Holocaust and Memory in the Global Age

Daniel Levy and Natan Sznaider

How collective memory of the Holocaust advances human rights in the Global Age

240 pages | 5.5 x 8.25


Labor of Fire

The Ontology of Labor between Economy and Culture

Bruno Gullì

Can work exist outside of capitalism?

232 pages | 6 x 9


Literary Gestures

The Aesthetic in Asian American Writing

Edited by Rocío G. Davis and Sue-Im Lee

Form as function in Asian American literature

248 pages | 6 x 9


Medicalized Masculinities

Edited by Dana Rosenfeld and Christopher Faircloth

The first book to examine the male body in relation to the sociology of health and gender

272 pages | 6 x 9 | 4 tables, 3 figures, 7 halftones


Of Others Inside

Insanity, Addiction, and Belonging in America

Darin Weinberg and Bryan S Turner

An original, comparative look at homelessness, mental disease, and addiction in America

248 pages | 6 x 9


Ordinary Poverty

A Little Food and Cold Storage

William DiFazio

A biting chronicle of the life of the working poor in the wake of welfare reform

232 pages | 6 x 9