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  • Publication: Jun 1990
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Women and Stepfamilies

Voices of Anger and Love

edited by Nan Bauer Maglin and Nancy Schniedewind

This is the first book to describe the unique and varied experiences and perspectives of women in stepfamilies as told by the women themselves. Through letters, journal entries, poetry, fiction, personal narratives, interviews, and analytic essays, this anthology brings a feminist perspective to the experience of millions of women now involved in stepfamilies.


"This text richly captures people making use of and growing with the intricacies of bi-nuclear families." —Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

"Women and Stepfamilies confronts these myths head-on. Through political theory, fiction and poetry, a wide range of contributors look at living arrangements that are considered atypical. Particularly moving is the fact that the book includes a variety of perspectives: that of stepmother, stepgrandmother, stepsister and stepdaughter . (The book) helps, both in a personal sense and in terms of analyzing family norms. As the first book to focus on the unique, varied perspectives of women, told in their own words, it goes a long way toward addressing the myriad issues raised when people come together out of love and try to forge cohesive living units out of disparate, non-biologically related parts. Equally important, the editors deserve kudos for the inclusivity of the volume. It is multinational, multiclass and reflects the perspectives of both lesbian and heterosexual stepmothers and stepdaughters.... I read it with glee, putting it down only to answer a call, or break up a fight between siblings not of my loins." —Eleanor J. Bader, New Directions for Women

About the Author(s)

Nan Bauer Maglin is Associate Professor of English at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of New York.

Nancy Schniedewind is Professor of Educational Studies at the State University of New York, New Paltz.

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