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  • Publication: Jun 1997

The Yankees

An Illustrated History

George Sullivan and John Powers

This book offers the non-stop excitement of the illustrious story of the New York Yankees, captured in more than 450 photographs and entertaining anecdotes about all of your favorite players. Year by year from 1903 through 1996, readers will relive the celebration and disappointment of each season. From humble beginnings as the New York Highlanders, to decades of victory, to surprising lapses, the high drama of Yankee baseball is at your fingertips. Enjoy a gold mine of behind-the-scenes stories and astonishing anecdotes that show the Yanks up close -- the players, managers, coaches, and executives, all as they really are.

Meet Babe Ruth, the Hall of Famer with a passion for late nights and home brew. Find out why Joltin' Joe DiMaggio got steamed for the first time in his life. Learn about the events leading up to Thurman Munson's tragic crash, and the unheeded warning from a fellow Yankee. Here are the straight facts on Reggie Jackson's stormy relationship with Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner's controversial front office tactics.

The Yankees: An Illustrated History provides complete statistics and game highlights through the 1996 season and World Championship, hitting streaks, ERA's, box scores, trades, an all-time roster of managers, players, and position leaders year by year, American League championship and World Series rosters, All-Star selections, and much, much more.


"Its a grand slam: exceptional words, terrific artwork, complete records, and those wonderful columns by media superstars on Yankee greats. So this is a double two-fer; its a four-fer!" —Donald Honig

About the Author(s)

George Sullivan has written articles for The New York Times and the Washington Post. The former public relations director for the Boston Red Sox, he worked with co-author John Powers at the Boston Globe when the sports section was declared #1 by Time magazine and the Associated Press. He is author of The Sports Curmudgeon (with Barbara Lagowski), The Picture History of the Boston Celtics, The Picture History of the Boston Red Sox, The Flying Fisherman (by "Gadabout" Gadddis as told to George Sullivan), and The Detroit Tigers (with David Cataneo).

John Powers has been a staff writer for the Boston Globe since 1973 and shared the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. He currently writes for the newspaper's Sunday magazine and also covers the Olympics and World Cup soccer. He is the author of The Short Season, One Goal (with Art Kaminsky), Mary Lou (with Mary Lou Retton and Bela Karolyi), and Seasons to Remember (with Curt Gowdy).

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