• 336 pages

The New Populism

The Politics of Empowerment

Edited by Harry C. Boyte, and Frank Riessman

Can populism revive a spirit of idealism and hope for democratic change? Undo the bigness of government, business and labor? Have a profound impact on the 1988 election? Here, leading thinkers and social critics show how it might win majority support and change the face of American democracy.

About the Author(s)

Harry C. Boyte, Director of the Project on a New Public Philosophy, Hubert H. Humphrey Institute, is co-author of Citizen Action, The New American Populism, Backyard Revolution: Understanding the New Citizen Movement (Temple), and Building America: The Democratic Promise of Public Work (with Nancy N. Kari).

Frank Riessman is Director of the National Self-Help Clearinghouse and Co-editor of the journal Social Policy.