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The Ethical Engineer

An "Ethics Construction Kit" Places Engineering in a New Light

Eugene Schlossberger

On occasion, professionals need to use moral reasoning as well as engineering skills to function effectively in their occupation. Eugene Schlossberger has created a practical guide to ethical decision-making for engineers, students, and workers in business and industry.

The Ethical Engineer sets out the tools and materials essential to dealing with whistle-blowing, environmental and safety concerns, bidding, confidentiality, conflict of interest, sales ethics, advertising, employer-employee relations, when to fight a battle, and when to break the rules.

The author offers recommendations and techniques as well as rules, principles, and values that can guide the reader. Lively examples, engaging anecdotes, witty comments, and well-reasoned analysis prove his conviction that "ethics is good business."


"As engineers undertake to mobilize people and resources to effect change, they will encounter a growing need to understand the social values that drive their decisions as well as the ethical consequences of those decisions. Books like The Ethical Engineer can greatly assist in this process. The Ethical Engineer is a good book at the right time."
Frederick C. Nelson, Dean of Engineering, Tufts University

"The Ethical Engineer is likely to make a very important contribution to the ethical development and eventually, the ethical practice, of the next generation of American engineers. It is an important, useful, and well-executed text. One outstanding feature is that its discussions are well targeted to help students care about ethics and the significance ethics has for their lives. The coverage is excellent: relevant cases and issues from the business ethics literature are nicely integrated into the text."
Professor David James, Department of Philosophy, Old Dominion University

About the Author(s)

Eugene Schlossberger is Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Philosophy at Purdue University at Calumet. He is also the author of Moral Responsibility and Persons (Temple).