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  • Publication: May 2005
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  • Publication: May 2005

The Education of a University President

Marvin Wachman

Foreword by James W. Hilty

Marvin Wachman's parents were Russian Jewish immigrants with little formal education. Yet they instilled in their son the values of education, self-improvement, and perseverance. Because of Wachman's beliefs in human progress, he learned not only how to survive in hard times, but how to flourish.

A newly minted PhD, Wachman served in World War II as a combat platoon sergeant where he was further drawn to teaching by his desire for work of lasting value. He proved a man of vision and administrative ability, qualities that suited him to lead two great universities renowned for their commitment to extending educational opportunity. During the Civil Rights era, Wachman served as the president of Lincoln University, the country's oldest historically Black college; later he guided Temple University to greater fiscal security, and under his leadership, education programs for Temple students were launched in Europe and Asia.

The Education of a University President recalls Wachman's distinguished career in education and his steadfast dedication to liberal values.


"In this illuminating memoir, Marvin Wachman reflects on his six-decade odyssey in American higher education.... The organizing theme of Wachman's memoir is his continual effort to learn in an ever changing world, to become educated to its nuances and shifting boundaries, transforming social trends and political reverberations, all with respect to the challenges posed to American higher education and, therefore, also to him personally.... Wachman has demonstrated through his own example that all of us, university presidents included, must never stop learning."
James W. Hilty, from the Foreword

"Wachman emerge(s) from (his) memoir as (a) highly accomplished yet modest leader who demonstrate(s) that (he is a) worthy role model for future generations of college presidents and administrators. General readers and specialists will benefit from the lessons learned and shared by (this) distinguished university president."

"(A) most fascinating and intriguing tale that is engaging and absorbing, told with eloquence and modesty. A worthwhile contribution."

"(F)or this reviewer, (e)very detail enriches the impact of this absorbing book."
The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography

About the Author(s)

The late Dr. Marvin Wachman was a former President of Temple University as well as of Lincoln University.