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The Bottom Line

Observations and Arguments on the Sports Business

Andrew Zimbalist

In The Bottom Line, one of the foremost sports economists writing today, Andrew Zimbalist ( National Pastime), analyzes the "net value" of sports. He examines motives for why owners buy franchises, the worth of the players and the profitability of teams, and the importance of publicly funded stadiums. In the essays collected here—which appeared in publications like The New York Times, Sports Business Journal, and The Wall Street Journal from 1998-2006—Zimbalist considers the current state of organized sports, from football and baseball to basketball, hockey, and soccer. He also addresses antitrust and labor relations issues, gender equity concerns, collegiate athletics, and the regulation of steroid use, providing readers with a better understanding of the business of sports and the sports business—and what makes both tick.


"Very few academics treat sport as seriously as it deserves. And precious few of them keep their subject interesting. Andrew Zimbalist is royalty in this small kingdom."
Franklin Foer, author of How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization

"Andrew Zimbalist has taken important topics and given us a thoughtful, fascinating, and deeply prepared discussion of the games we hold so dear."
Lesley Visser, CBS Sportscaster

"The bottom line on The Bottom Line ? Definitely worth the money and time, even though it reprints work previously published. The author of several excellent books on baseball economics, Zimbalist (economics, Smith College) is an indefatigable, seemingly ubiquitous commentator on the business of sports in the print and broadcast media....Readers will be informed by most of these opinion pieces and infuriated by others. But Zimbalist should not be ignored. Highly recommended."

"The Bottom Line brings together some of the best articles that (Zimbalist) has written during the past 15 years. Like readers who find that their favorite novelist is also an expert short-story writer, those familiar with Zimbalist’s books but not his op-ed pieces will see the same trenchant analysis and quick with in these essays….It is a collection worth reading and rereading."
The Journal of Sports Economics

"Andrew Zimbalist pulls no punches, writing in a deliberately provocative style that will no doubt have some cheering with every jab and upper cut and others screaming about blows below the belt…. (T)he articles provide an efficient, accessible and at the time they were written, timely survey of much of the Sports Economics landscape as viewed by Professor Zimbalist….(He) provides a quick comprehensive overview of the subject."
The Journal of Economic Literature

About the Author(s)

Andrew Zimbalist is Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics at Smith College. His other books include (with Stefan Szymanski) National Pastime: How Americans Play Baseball and the Rest of the World Plays Soccer and In the Best Interests of Baseball? The Revolutionary Reign of Bud Selig. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of The Journal of Sports Economics.