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The Borders of Justice

Edited by Étienne Balibar, Sandro Mezzadra, and Ranabir Samaddar

The Borders of Justice investigates the complexities of transitional justice that emerge from its “social embeddedness.” This original collection of essays, which stem from a collective research program on social justice undertaken by the Calcutta Research Group, confronts the concept and practices of justice. The editors and contributors question the relationship between geography, methodology, and justice—how and why justice is meted out differently in different places. Expanding on Michael Walzer's idea of the “spheres of justice,” the contributors argue that justice is burdened with our notions of social realities and expectations, in addition to the influence of money, law, and government.

Contributors include: Anirban Das, Jean-Louis Halpérin, Francisco Naishtat, Brett Neilson, Emmanuel Renault, Juha Rudanko, Subir Sinha, and the editors.


"The Borders of Justice interrogates the concept and practices of justice in original and provocative ways, combining the geographical diversity of the authors with a variety of disciplinary and methodological approaches. The essays reveal how justice appears differently in different places and from different perspectives. This is an important contribution to contemporary debates on justice."
Michael Hardt, Professor of Literature at Duke University, and co-author (with Antonio Negri) of Empire, Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire, and Commonwealth

About the Author(s)

Étienne Balibar is Emeritus Professor of Humanities at the University of California, Irvine, and Professor at Kingston University, London.

Sandro Mezzadra is Associate Professor of Political Theory at the University of Bologna.

Ranabir Samaddar, former Professor of South Asia Studies, is now Director of Calcutta Research Group and founder-editor of the journal Refugee Watch.

In the Series

Politics, History, and Social Change

This series, edited by John C. Torpey, will disseminate serious works that analyze the social changes that have transformed our world during the twentieth century and beyond. The main topics to be addressed include international migration; human rights; the political uses of history; the past and future of the nation-state; decolonization and the legacy of imperialism; and global inequality. The series will also translate into English outstanding works by scholars writing in other languages.