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  • Publication: Jun 1993
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Radical Philosophy

Tradition, Counter-Tradition, Politics

Edited by Roger S. Gottlieb

Bringing together new essays by the leading figures in contemporary radical philosophy, this provocative collection defines for the first time the boundaries and accomplishments of a body of work deeply critical of both the philosophical and social dimensions of domination. The contributors draw on diverse traditions and movements, including feminism, critical theory, Marxism, deconstruction, democratic socialism, theories of race and ethnicity, deep ecology, and politicized spirituality.


"This volume makes a worthwhile contribution to contemporary philosophical debate in America, presenting a coherent set of points of view that stake out the terrain of radical analysis." —David Sprintzen, Long Island University

About the Author(s)

Roger S. Gottlieb is Professor of Philosophy at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has published five other books, including History and Subjectivity: The Transformation of Marxist Theory (Temple).