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  • Publication: Nov 2017

Phil Jasner "On the Case"

His Best Writing on the Sixers, the Dream Team, and Beyond

Edited by Andy Jasner

Allen Iverson loved Philadelphia Daily News 76ers beat reporter Phil Jasner, calling him “the best” in the world of sports journalism. From 1981 until his death in 2010, Jasner was always “on the case,” going to great lengths to track athletes down for a quote or a story. He was most known for his fair coverage of the team’s famous players, including World B. Free and Bobby Jones, Julius Erving and Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, and, of course, Iverson. His tremendous output was beloved by players and fans alike, earning him many honors, including inductions into six Halls of Fame.

Phil Jasner “On the Case” collects the best of Jasner’s writing throughout his illustrious career. Jasner wrote about baseball, the Eagles, and the Philadelphia Atoms’ soccer with the same insight and aplomb he showed in his coverage of Philadelphia’s Big 5 College Basketball, the 76ers’ championship season in 1983, and the Dream Team. Lovingly assembled—each chapter is introduced by some of the most prominent figures Jasner covered, from Vince Papale, Doug Collins, and Billy Cunningham to Iverson and Barkley—this collection recounts a distinguished sportswriter’s remarkable career.


"While the rain of information poured on the mob of reporters, Phil would also work between the rain drops, remaining long after everyone in the locker room was gone. There were the phone calls after midnight, asking questions…always asking questions. And when it came time to dispense the information, there was the angle—that unique angle that made each and every story special. His style was reminiscent of one of his role models, the late Philadelphia columnist Stan Hochman—observing the grit and grind of city sports from street level, getting the humanity of it all. Phil Jasner ‘On the Case’ is the best…of Phil’s best."
Marc Zumoff, Philadelphia 76ers TV voice, Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia

"The joy of Phil's work across five decades of newspapering comes alive again in Phil Jasner ‘On the Case.’ As I read or re-read the stories my colleague and friend crafted so passionately, I could hear his enthusiasm for the people and games he covered. I could see the work and the legwork, making that extra call, asking one more question. And I could smile at the way Phil always balanced the demands of his editors and duty to his readers with the relationships he built with players and coaches that earned him his unrivaled access. Andy, in this tribute to his dad, shows clearly why we all considered Phil to be the ‘beat writer’s beat writer.’ And how he never forgot to have fun."
Steve Aschburner, Senior writer, NBA.com

About the Author(s)

Andy Jasner is a freelance sportswriter whose work has appeared in the Associated Press, the New York Times, the Boston Globe and Hoop magazine among others. The son of Phil Jasner, he is also the author of the book, Baltimore Ravens.