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  • Publication: Aug 1994
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New Social Movements

From Ideology to Identity

Edited by Enrique Laraña, Hank Johnston, and Joseph R Gusfield
  • Outstanding Academic Title, Choice, 1995

Cultural changes over the past two decades have led to a proliferation of new social movements in Europe and the United States. New social movements such as ecology, peace, ethnicity, New Age philosophies, alternative medicine, and gender and sexual identity are among those that are emerging to challenge traditional categories in social movement theory. Synthesizing classic and modern perspectives the contributors help to redefine the field of social movements and advance an understanding of them through cross-cultural research, comparison with older movements, and an examination of the dimensions of identity—individual, collective, and melding of the two.

About the Author(s)

Enrique Laraña (1949-2014) was Titular Professor of Sociology at the University of Madrid, Spain.

Hank Johnston is a lecturer in the Department of Sociology at San Diego State University.

Joseph R. Gusfield (1923-2015) was Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of California, San Diego.