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Muchachas No More

Household Workers in Latin America and the Caribbean

Edited by Elsa M. Chaney and Mary Garcia Castro


"This excellent compilation of 22 essays, several of which are written by domestic workers themselves, addresses a wide range of issues, including the challenge domestic service poses to feminism and the role of domestic workers in the union movement." New Directions For Women

"A number of pieces in the volume make major theoretical contributions to our understanding of the politics which surround household labor, many afford an insightful glimpse into the world view of domestics and several clarify the tensions in the feminist movement over the issue of domestic service. By covering a range of countries and engaging Latin American scholars in the their enterprise, the editors have constructed a volume that will have broad appeal." Susan C. Bourque, Professor of Government, Director of the Project on Women and Social Change, Smith College

"This is the most impressive collection of case material to date on this segment, approximately 20 percent of the female work force in Latin America. The 22 essays from academics and activists, North and South, range from issues of history, ideology, and feminism to discrete country and organizational cases and individual testimonies.... The work will have many applications both academic and practical." World Development

About the Author(s)

Elsa M. Chaney is Chair of Women in International Development Program and Visiting Professor of Anthropology at the University of Iowa, Iowa City.

Mary Garcia Castro is Professor of Sociology at the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil.

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