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Mothers, Daughters, and Political Socialization

Two Generations at an American Women's College

Krista Jenkins

Using a unique data set comparing mothers and daughters who attended Douglass College—the women's college of Rutgers University—twenty-five years apart, Krista Jenkins perceptively observes the changes in how women acquire their attitudes toward gender roles and behaviors in the post-women's movement years.

Mothers, Daughters, and Political Socialization examines the role of intergenerational transmission—the maternal influences on younger women—while also looking at differences among women in attitudes and behaviors relative to gender roles that might be attributed to the nature of the times during their formative years. How do daughters coming of age in an era when the women's movement is far less visible deal with gendered expectations compared to their mothers? Do they accept the contemporary status quo their feminist mothers fought so hard to achieve? Or, do they press forward with new goals?

Jenkins shows how contemporary women are socialized to accept or reject traditional gender roles that serve to undermine their equality.


"Jenkins provides a fresh approach to and a timely analysis of women's political engagement. Mothers, Daughters, and Political Socialization is a lively read, featuring captivating and compelling stories and life histories. This book will fill important gaps in our understanding of the persistence of gender inequality and women’s attitudes toward feminism and the women's movement."Verta Taylor, Professor and Chair of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara

"Jenkins delves into issues of gender inequality, gender roles, generational differences, and the women’s movement.... (She) explores how attitudes about gender, especially within the realm of politics, have evolved over a generation.... She does a wonderful job illustrating the ways in which the mothers and daughters today handle and process their experiences as women. This book is appropriate for courses on gender, feminism, and politics."Contemporary Sociology

About the Author(s)

Krista Jenkins is Associate Professor of Political Science at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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The Social Logic of Politics

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