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  • Publication: Jan 1999
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  • Publication: Jan 1999

Men Who Sell Sex

International Perspectives on Male Prostitution and HIV/AIDS

Edited by Peter Aggleton

While much is known about prostitution and sex-work, almost all research has been conducted among female sex-workers and their clients. Studies of men who sell sex, either to women or to other men, are much more rare. Particularly poorly understood are men's motivations for engaging in such work, the circumstances in which the sale of sex occurs, the meanings attached to the acts by both sex-worker and client, and the HIV-related risks involved.

Men Who Sell Sex remedies this major deficiency in the international literature by bringing together an authoritative collection of essays from experts in 21 countries, including the USA, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Morocco, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Peru. It is a book which aims to demystify a taboo area, to dispel some widely held misconceptions about sex-workers and the spread of AIDS, and to contribute to better health promotion work.

Men Who Sell Sex offers a unique and compelling account of the reasons men sell sex and the pleasures and risks involved.


"What is exciting about this book is that it crosses so many boundaries, bringing together as it does accounts from every continent and from a wide range of disciplines. The various authors seek to situate sex-work within a range of frameworks: sociological and psychological, but also historical (Sri Lanka), economic (Britain and the United States), political (Brazil), legal (Canada), even linguistic (Thailand)." Dennis Altman, from the Foreword

"This international collection was put together to be a multi-national response to the lack of information about male prostitution throughout the world. Spanning Europe, Latin America, India, and North Africa, this collection of policy recommendations is put together from interviews with the prostitutes by regional experts, who also offer recommendations on the value of different kinds of health promotion and intervention efforts." Lambda Book Report

"Each chapter provides fascinating data, gathered primarily through interviews and ethnographies, on the lives of men in this occupation.... This volume is the first to bring together male prostitution in a global perspective...(and it) makes contributions to studies of sexuality and lesbians in the workplace as well as to military sociology. By implication, it also makes important contributions to public policy debates on gays in the military." Contemporary Sociology

"A big asset of the book is the inclusion of sex workers' narratives.... (this book offers) original and important contributions to a nascent area of study... (and) constitute(s) an enlightening reading for health and sex educators and a welcome addition to the literature on sexuality and gender." Journal of Sex Research

About the Author(s)

Peter Aggleton is Professor of Education and Director of the Thomas Coram Research Unit at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK. He is the editor of the Social Aspects of AIDS series of books and of the journal Culture, Health, and Sexuality. He has written or edited over twenty books in the field, including (with Richard Parker) Culture, Society, and Sexuality (1998).