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  • Publication: Nov 1993
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  • Publication: Nov 1993
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  • Publication: Nov 1993

Medical Malpractice

Law, Tactics, and Ethics

Frank M. McClellan
  • Philadelphia Book Clinic Certificate of Award, 1995

From practical to philosophical considerations, this succinct, clear presentation of medical malpractice issues is a valuable resource for the classroom and the reference shelf. Frank M. McClellan illustrates the multitude of considerations that impact the merit of each case, never losing sight of the importance of preserving human dignity in malpractice lawsuits.

Early chapters urge the evaluation of legal, medical, and ethical standards, especially the Standard of Care. Part II focuses on assessing and proving compensatory and punitive damages, Part III sets out guidelines for intelligence gathering, medical research, choosing expert witnesses, and preparing for trial.

Students of law, medicine, and public health, as well as lawyers and health care professionals, will find in Medical Malpractice a valuable text or reference book. "Problems" in twelve of the thirteen chapters illustrate the range of issues that can arise in malpractice suits. An appendix lists leading cases that have shaped medical malpractice law.

About the Author(s)

Frank M. McClellan is a litigator and law professor at the Temple University School of Law.