Marxism Latin America

Edited by Luis E. Aguilar

Although Marxism came late to Latin America, Marxist theories and practices have been of vast importance to Latin American countries, especially during the last decade. Luis Aguilar has revised and updated his 1968 anthology of articles by Latin Americans by adding eleven new articles, including writings by Fidel Castro on Cuba's Involvement in Angola and articles by and about Salvdore Allende and the failure of the Chilean socialist experiment. This new section is preceded by six groups of articles covering the time from 1890, when Marxist thought was first developing in Latin America, to the period of the Cuban Revolution and its aftermath and including the criticism and self-criticism of the sixties. The book is the only collection of primary and interpretive documents on Marxism by Latin Americans.

About the Author(s)

Luis E. Aguilar is a Professor at Georgetown University.