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Long Distance Love

A Passion for Football

Grant Farred

Grant Farred is a lifelong soccer fan. He has been rooting for one team-Liverpool (England) Football Club-since he was a child. Long Distance Love explains how "football" opened up the world to a young boy growing up disenfranchised in apartheid South Africa. For Farred, being a soccer fan enabled him to establish connections with events and people throughout history and from around the globe: from the Spanish Civil War to the atrocities of the Argentine dictatorship of the 1970s and 80s; from the experience of racism under apartheid to the experience of watching his beloved Liverpool team play on English soil. Farred shows that issues like race, politics, and war are critical to understanding a sport, especially soccer. And he writes beautifully, with candor and lyricism. Long Distance Love does for football what C.L.R. James's Beyond a Boundary did for cricket: it provides poetry and politics in equal measure, along with insights on every page.


"That Farred writes well about football is beyond debate. He brings a distinctive passion to the topic along with a wealth of analytic insights that will please readers versed in the rich lore of the sport and alert to its growing status as an exemplary vehicle of globalization." —Andrew Ross, New York University, author of Fast Boat to China: Corporate Flight and the Consequences of Free Trade

"(R)emarkable...In delightfully exuberant prose, Farred recounts a passion that, for him, borders on religion.... Long Distance Love is a playful — yet no less brilliant — work of political theory; its contribution to political thought comes from making such hopeful statements without compromising the immoderate passions that sports fandom indulge." Centre Daily Times

About the Author(s)

Grant Farred is the author, most recently, of What's My Name? Black Vernacular Intellectuals. He is a life-long fan of Liverpool Football Club, the greatest and most successful club in the history of English football.

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