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  • Publication: Apr 1997
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Law and the Environment

A Multidisciplinary Reader

Edited by Dorothy C Alevizatos, and Robert Percival

Law and the Environment: A Multi-disciplinary Reader brings together for the first time some of the most important original work on environmental policy by scientists, ecologists, philosophers, historians, economists, and legal scholars. Each of the book's four parts provides a different focus on the nature and scope of environmental problems and attempts to use public policy to address these concerns. Part I examines how ecology, economics, and ethics analyze environmental problems and why they support collective action to respond to them. Part II examines the history and present state of environmental law, from early attempts to engage the government to the current debate over the effectiveness of environmental policy. Part III explores the process by which environmental law gets translated into regulatory policy. Part IV considers the future of environmental law at a time when international environmental concerns have become a major force in global diplomacy and international trade agreements.

In drawing together a wide variety of perspectives on these issues, Robert V. Percival and Dorothy C. Alevizatos offer a comprehensive examination of how society has responded to the difficult challenges posed by environmental problems. The selections provide a rich introduction to the complexities of environmental policy disputes.


"One of the most remarkable developments of the twentieth century has been the worldwide growth of public concern for the environment. Efforts to translate that concern into effective public policy have posed formidable challenges for the legal system. Even as our understanding of environmental problems has improved, we have become acutely aware of the complexity and uncertainty that bedevil efforts to trace the effects of human activities on the environment."
From the Preface

"As a multidisciplinary collection introducing environmental law, the book works well and encourages the reader to consult the original texts in order to gain more in-depth understanding. This will serve best those who wish to learn more about the area of environmental policy, but are bewildered by the number of books on the market."
Environmental Values

About the Author(s)

Robert V. Percival is Professor of Law, Robert Stanton Scholar and Director of the Environmental Law Program of the University of Maryland School of Law. He is the principal author of Environmental Regulation: Law, Science, and Policy, and numerous articles on law and the environment.

Dorothy C. Alevizatos is an environmental lawyer with a Baltimore law firm. She has an M.S. in conservation biology from the University of Maryland.