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  • Publication: May 1990
  • Price: $81.50
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Justice and School Systems

The Role of the Courts in Education Litigation

edited by Barbara Flicker

This book examines the effectiveness and deficiencies of judicial intervention in solving the problems of discrimination in the nation’s schools. The authors present case studies, surveys, and interviews of the lawyers and judges who participated in the leading cases. And they analyze critical issues that remain unresolved, such as the battle over racial desegregation that still rages in Yonkers, New York.


"Highly qualified scholars examine here in great detail policy-related activities of courts on three very important educational topics...a unique volume." —Louis Fischer, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

"This project is an important effort to develop a more accurate description and interpretation of the evolving roles of courts in the management of very complex educational litigation." —Gary Orfield, University of Chicago

About the Author(s)

Barbara Flicker is former Executive Director and currently Consulting Director of the Institute of Judicial Administration Inc.