• 200 pages

Human Rights in a Changing World

Antonio Cassese

This book examines the nature and role of human rights in the context of international relations in the modern world. While sensitive to the ways in which doctrines of human rights can be misused by nation-states pursuing their own interests, Antonio Cassese argues that the development of human rights nonetheless represents an important advance for people worldwide.

The aim of the book is to provide a global view of the field of human rights today. Cassese proceeds by a case-by-case approach, investigating certain key issues, such as crimes against humanity, genocide, torture, apartheid, and mass hunger, using these issues as a means of discussing the broader theme of human rights. Drawing on these case studies, Cassese develops a general analysis of human rights in the modern world and formulates an agenda for action, indicating what the citizens of particular states can do to ensure the practical application of human rights internationally.

Written in a clear, lively, and engaging way, Human Rights in a Changing World will be of interest not only to students of politics, philosophy, international relations, and international law; it is a book of general interest that will appeal to a wide readership.

About the Author(s)

Antonio Cassese is Professor or Law at the European University Institute in Italy and editor of The Tokyo Trial and Beyond: Reflections of a Peacemonger by B.V.A. Roling (Temple).