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  • Publication: Feb 1996

Human Attachment

Virginia L. Colin

This brand new book is the first and only comprehensive introduction to attachment research and theory. It explains theory, research methodology, research results, and discusses both healthy and pathological development in infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The book is organized into four units. Unit I tells the story of the early history of attachment theory and research, then introduces the major propositions of attachment theory. Unit II describes the three major methods for studying attachment in infancy, then discusses how infants form attachments. Unit III discusses representational models, methods for studying attachments in childhood, and the association between attachment patterns and aspects of personality and social behavior in childhood. Unit IV begins by describing hypotheses about what's happening with attachments and how attachment patterns affect feelings, thoughts, behavior, and intimate relationships in adolescence and in the adult years. Finally, it describes what data about personality, relationships, marriage, loneliness, separation, loss, and old age we can relate to attachment patterns.

About the Author(s)

Virginia L. Colin earned her degrees in psychology from Swarthmore, Columbia, and the University of Virginia, where Mary Ainsworth, co-founder of attachment theory, was her principal mentor. As a self-employed research consultant since 1986, Dr. Colin has studied hundreds of babies and parents, some in low-risk samples, and some at high risk for developmental delays and/or disturbances associated with medical problems, poverty, immaturity, abuse, and neglect. She has worked on projects for the National Institutes of Health, Research Triangle Institute, the University of Notre Dame, Columbia University, and others. In addition to conducting research, Dr. Colin has worked as an assistant professor, provided developmental counseling and psychotherapy services, and provided specialized foster care services for troubled adolescents.