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Feminist Organizations

Harvest of the New Women's Movement

Myra Marx Ferree, and Patricia Yancey Martin

This collection of twenty-six original essays looks at contemporary feminist organizations, how they've survived, the effects of their work, the problems they face, the strategies they develop, and where the women's movement is headed. The contributors, leading feminist scholars from nine social science disciplines, examine a wide variety of local feminist organizations, past and preset, illuminating the struggles of feminist organizers and activists.


"This book brings together in a single volume an impressive array of case studies by scholars and activists who know these organizations either from first-hand experience or long-term participant observation and interviewing....It provides a nuanced and complex portrait of continually evolving organizations." Ann Bookman, Policy and Research Director, Women's Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor

"The opening and closing sections—which deal, respectively, with our successes in challenging mainstream institutions and in expanding the scope of politics to include female concerns traditional considered person—are filled with the analysis we've all been dying for.... All tease out the wins and losses, errors and victories, in a balanced way that will help future activists to build on what works, to avoid, what doesn't and to recognize the difference." The Women's Review of Books

"There's been a resurgence of interest in feminist organizations, and the sociology of social movements is thriving. This volume's union of these two streams of thought is a natural one. It is a potential classic that will draw readers for the next decade." Barbara Reskin, Professor of Sociology, Ohio State University

"...twenty-five essays that vividly document the organizational creativeity of the women's movement of the past three decades." Administrative Science Quarterly

About the Author(s)

Myra Marx Ferree is Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies at the University of Connecticut.

Patricia Yancey Martin is Daisy Parker Flory Alumni Professor of Sociology at Florida State University.

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