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Exploiting the Wilderness

An Analysis of Wildlife Crime

Greg L. Warchol

Illegally harvested ivory and endangered plants, mammals, reptiles, birds, and even insects are easily found for sale throughout East and Southern Africa. And this is just one part of the multi-billion-dollar illegal global trade in wildlife.

Wildlife is an important and even vital asset for both intrinsic and economic reasons. Yet it is illegally exploited on a massive scale to the point where some species now risk extinction. Exploiting the Wilderness provides a concise overview of this shameful business, describing some of the main species being exploited and examining select wildlife whose survival is imperiled due to heavy pressure from poachers to meet consumer demand.

Greg Warchol draws on his firsthand experience and research in Africa to examine the structure and operation of the illegal trade in wildlife. He identifies the participants as well as their motivations and operations, and explains the behavior of poachers, traffickers, and consumers of illegally obtained goods. He concludes with a description of legislative and law enforcement efforts to control and prevent wildlife exploitation along with a number of contemporary conservation initiatives designed to improve the ability of rangers to protect wildlife.


"I have spent many years in Africa watching elephants, rhinos, and other animals that are now being pushed toward extinction by the horrific wildlife trade. Greg Warchol writes about this from years of his own personal research, covering all angles. For anyone wanting to learn more about the problem, and possible solutions, I highly recommend this book."
Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, United Nations Messenger of Peace

"So few books have been written on endangered species/wildlife trafficking that Exploiting the Wilderness offers a welcome enhancement of our understanding. Of particular importance is Warchol's application of various criminological theories to the problem. His use of his own field research and scientific observations further distinguishes the book. Exploiting the Wilderness is a worthy addition to the nascent field of criminology and wildlife crimes/trafficking."
Jacqueline Schneider, Professor of Criminal Justice Sciences, Illinois State University, and author of Sold into Extinction: The Global Trade in Endangered Species

"Exploiting the Wilderness provides an insightful tour of Warchol's extensive fieldwork in Africa researching the illegal wildlife trade. Filled with personal tales of his experiences, the book is an accessible and informative take on a serious but overlooked criminal act in the field of criminology. He concludes with a thoughtful look at solutions to the ongoing threat of extinction from the illegal trade in wildlife."
Tanya Wyatt, Associate Professor in Criminology, Northumbria University Newcastle, and author of Wildlife Trafficking: A Deconstruction of the Crime, the Victims, and the Offenders

"Easy to read, the book is based on the author’s and others’ field research over 14 years, mainly in southern and eastern Africa. Designed as an introduction to the illegal wildlife trade, it primarily focuses on wildlife crime in the regions of Africa with which the author is most familiar, occasionally touching on aspects of wildlife crimes in Asia, Europe and the USA....The strength that the author brings to the subject is his criminological background alluding, for example, to the application of modern urban policing to wildlife conservation."

"Warchol approaches the illegal wildlife trade from a criminology perspective, an area that is under-represented in the literature. Exploiting the Wilderness is a concise starting point for those looking to develop an understanding of the illegal wildlife trade across multiple species.... Warchol's field research, through personal communication with NGO researchers and national park and customs officials, provides insightful information on this lucrative crime and is a welcome addition to the literature regarding the illegal wildlife trade.... The author's first-hand research and discussions surrounding multiple topics and species of wildlife crime make this an interesting read, while the book's concise presentation makes it a must read for all new students of wildlife crime."
African Studies Review

" The book offers an eagle’s-eye view by parsing the broad spectrum of issues related to illegal wildlife trade from the local to the global scale.... The content of this book is clear, simple, concise, and layperson-friendly while being useful as a quick reference guide for experts. The author speaks from experience.... Exploiting the Wilderness is a welcome contribution for attempting to expose the complexities of the illegal wildlife trade."
Africa Today

About the Author(s)

Greg L. Warchol is Professor of Criminal Justice at Northern Michigan University.