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Crime and Capitalism

Readings in Marxist Crimonology

Edited by David F. Greenberg

In this expanded and updated second edition of a revered reader in Marxist criminology, editor David F. Greenberg brings together writings about crime that range from classic articles by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels to a variety of contemporary essays. Taking an explicitly Marxist point of view, the articles deal with various aspects of criminology, including organized crime, delinquency, urban crime, criminal law, and criminal justice. To the original text, Greenberg has added pieces on race and crime, gender and crime, rape, arson for profit, and auto theft.

With extensive prefatory material prepared by Greenberg, as well as editorial notes, and a glossary of Marxist terminology, Crime and Capitalism is an indispensable text for students and professionals in the fields of criminology, criminal justice, social history, and sociology.

Contributors: In addition to Marx, Engels, and the editor, the contributors are Peter Linebaugh, Geoffrey Pearson, Steven Hahn, Frank Pearce, Don Wallace, Drew Humphries, James Brady, Harold Barnett, Harry Brill, Cyril D. Robinson, Herman Schwendinger, Julia Schwendinger, Michael Rustigan, Paul Takagi, Sidney L. Harring, Steven Spitzer, Rosalind P. Petchesky, Randall G. Shelden, Morton G. Wenger, Thomas A. Bonomo, and Evan Stark.


"This book is superb in every way.... (It) is the only book that attempts to put into perspective just what the possible relationship between praxis and Marxist criminology might (should) be."Eleanor Miller, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

About the Author(s)

David F. Greenberg is Professor of Sociology at New York University and the author of The Construction of Homosexuality.