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Civic Talk

Peers, Politics, and the Future of Democracy

Casey A. Klofstad

About the Author(s)

Casey A. Klofstad is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Miami.

In the Series

The Social Logic of Politics

The Social Logic of Politics series, edited by Scott D. McClurg (formerly edited by Alan S. Zuckerman), directs attention to several related clusters of research in the social sciences. At the core is a theoretical principle: individuals make political decisions, like other choices, by taking into account cues from other persons. Studies move from individuals to groups to large scale collectivities. Usually examining micro-politics-voting and other forms of political participation; the place of politics in households, the family, the friendship unit, and the neighborhood- this research also studies how broader political and social contexts influence and are influenced by these micro-processes. It includes as well "small group behavior" in political institutions, such as exchanges of cues in legislatures and patron-client relations in bureaucratic agencies and political parties. Books in The Social Logic of Politics series will apply research techniques that run the gamut of contemporary political science, sociology, communications, and geography.