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  • Publication: Jun 2006
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  • Publication: Jun 2006

City and Environment

Christopher Boone and Ali Modarres

For the first time in history, more than half the people of the world now live in cities. Comprehending the impact of this widespread urbanization requires an awareness of the complex relationships between cities and natural ecosystems. This innovative book moves beyond the anti-urban lamentations that often dominate today's academic discourse to examine the evolution of cities and to illuminate the roles that humans play in shaping their environments, both natural and constructed.


Christopher Boone and Ali Modarres argue that understanding the multiple forces of urbanization requires a holistic approach to the interactions of social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental factors. Without casting judgments, City and Environment seeks to engage readers in an exploration of cities from a truly global perspective. Throughout, it illuminates the social-ecological systems of cities not as an academic exercise-although informing academic audiences is one of its goals-but ultimately to help transform cities into livable and ecologically sustainable environments.


"Planning hovers in the background...tak(ing) center stage (in) the final chapter, where the authors review urban growth boundaries, smart growth, and new urbanism. The comments are reasonable but brief."

"Boone and Modarres’ analysis of the relationship of cities with their environments incorporates a variety of important topics relevant to several disciplinary fields. Beginning with descriptions of different city types across history, the authors draw on a wealth of data...and convincingly demonstrate the importance of exploring how cities can be made into livable, desirable places."

"(A) timely discussion of the most likely dangerous consequences that mass urbanization with lave for the environment, before suggesting some of the possible solutions….This book has provided useful evidence in this direction(.)"

"The book is best seen as a compilation of essays around topics somehow related to city and environment.... rich in information on specific themes... the individual chapters may be interesting to students of a specific topic."
The Journal of Housing and the Built Environment

"(C)risply written... it is a strength of the volume that it produces debate rather than closing it down by reaching constantly for the moral high ground. The authors are to be congratulated for producing an evenhanded treatment that will work well in advance undergraduate and introductory graduate courses."
Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design

About the Author(s)

Christopher Boone is Associate Professor and holds joint appointments in the International Institute for Sustainability as well as the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University.

Ali Modarres is the Associate Director of the Edmund G. "Pat" Brown Institute of Public Affairs and a Professor in the Department of Geography and Urban Analysis at California State University, Los Angeles.