• 272 pages

Beyond the Market and the State

New Directions in Community Development

Edited by Severyn T. Bruyn, and James Meehan

The focus of this volume is on new democratic organizations that are helping to restore community life in the United States. Emphasizing the self-regulating power of the local economy, the contributors describe such community development enterprises and propose a social design for going beyond market competition and government regulation as the basis for developing a vital and stable economic base to the community. Academics involved with political theory, economics, social policy and planning as well as practitioners of community organization and development, and city planners and administrators will find this collection of essays to be essential reading.

About the Author(s)

Severyn T. Bruyn is Professor of Sociology at Boston College.

James Meehan is a teaching fellow and doctoral candidate in the Program in Social Economy and Social Justice at Boston College.

In the Series

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