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  • Publication: Jan 1999

Aging and the Law

An Interdisciplinary Reader

edited by Lawrence A. Frolik

As Americans live longer, and as the "baby boom" generation approaches retirement, the social, political, and legal needs of older citizens pose a challenge to our institutions. One response has been the rise of "elder law." In this groundbreaking reader, Lawrence A. Frolik gathers together seminal essays on the intersection of law and issues affecting older Americans. The essays take into account not only a variety of professional perspectives but also the perspectives of individual older people, caregivers, and family members.

After an introduction covering the nature of elder law, social attitudes toward the elderly, aging and ethnicity, and generational justice, the book includes sections on work, income, wealth; housing, mental capacity, health-care decision making; long-term care, health-care finance, family and social issues; and abuse, neglect, victimization, and elderly criminals. It concludes with essays on legal representation and ethical issues. The essays have been edited to make them easily accessible to students and the general reader, and Professor Frolik has supplied introductions to the sections, as well as summaries of issues for which essays could not be included.

Both comprehensive and engaging, Aging and the Law brings together essays by lawyers, social workers, health-care professionals, and policy-makers, as well as selected case law and congressional hearings.

About the Author(s)

Lawrence A. Frolik is Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Law.