Young Unwed Fathers

Changing Roles and Emerging Policies

Edited by Robert I. Lerman, and Theodora J Ooms
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360 pages
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Essays on policies, programs, and ethical issues


This volume is the first volume to bring together a wide and balanced array of research program and policy perspectives on unwed fatherhood. The essays illuminate the public debate about welfare reform, paternity and child support, and family values.


"An important resource for scholars, policymakers and social service providers....devoted to economic, demographic, ethical, legal, public policy, psychological, social service, subcultural and sociological issues relevant to young fathers. This volume contributes to the ongoing process of reframing the early pregnancy an childbearing literature to include young fathers. The empirical chapters include quantitative analyses of national surveys, ethnographic studies of inner-city young men and program evaluations....provide(s) up-to-date overviews of recent policy and programmatic initiatives."
Journal of Adolescence

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Evolution of Unwed Fatherhood as a Policy Issue – Robert I. Lerman and Theodora J. Ooms

Part I: Who Young Unwed Fathers Are
2. A National Profile of Young Unwed Fathers – Robert I. Lerman
3. Young Fathers and Parenting in a Central City – Mercer L. Sullivan
4. Sex Codes and Family Life Among Poor Inner-City Youths – Elijah Anderson
5. Risking Paternity: Sex and Contraception Among Adolescent Males – Freya L. Sonenstein, Joseph H. Pleck, and Leighton C. Ku
6. When and Why Fathers Matter: Impacts of Father Involvement on the Children of Adolescent Mothers – Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr. and Kathleen Mullan Harris

Part II: Rights and Obligations
7. Legal Rights and Obligations: An Uneven Evolution – Ruth-Arlene W. Howe
8. Ethical Dimensions of Young Unwed Fatherhood – George W. Harris

Part III: Policies and Programs
9. Creating Federal Leadership in Research and Policy Development – Linda Mellgren
10. Paternity Actions and Young Fathers – Esther Wattenberg
11. The Problems and Promise of Child Support Policies – Sandra K. Daziger, Carolyn K. Kastner, and Terri J. Nickel
12. In-Kind Contributions as Child Support: The Teen Alternative Parenting Program – Maureen A. Pirog-Good
13. Involving Unwed Fathers in Adoption Counseling and Teen Pregnancy Programs – M. Laurie Leitch, Anne M. Gonzalez, and Theodora J. Ooms
14. The Role of Unwed Fathers in the Abortion Decision – Arthur B. Shostak
15. Service Programs to Help Unwed Fathers – Joelle Sander
16. Employment Patterns of Unwed Fathers and Public Policy – Robert I. Lerman

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About the Author(s)

Robert I. Lerman is Professor of Economics at The American University. He is co-author (with Andrew Hahn) of What Works in Youth Employment Policy?

Theodora J. Ooms is Director of the Family Impact Seminar of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Research and Education Foundation. She has published four other books, including Teenage Pregnancy in a Family Context (Temple).