Winningest Pitchers

Baseball's 300-Game Winners

Rich Westcott
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Publication: May 02

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A detailed look at the few immortal 300 game winning pitchers


Since the beginning of major league baseball, more than 12,000 pitchers have thrown from the mound. Of them, only twenty have reached the ultimate goal of their profession: to be a 300-game winner.

Rich Westcott, celebrated sports historian and journalist, offers in Winningest Pitchers profiles of each of those twenty pitchers, including Cy Young, Gaylord Perry, and Nolan Ryan. In small biographies, photographs, and stats, we gain a full picture of each of these rare players whose combined greatness contributes to baseball's continued importance to American athletic life.


"Rich Westcott has done a fine job of researching and compiling the history of (special) major league pitchers of the last 120 years. He not only makes modern day fans aware that there are only a small number of 300-win pitchers to have played the game, but also the trials and tribulations as well as the strengths needed to accomplish this great feat."
Paul Owens, senior advisor to the general manager, Philadelphia Phillies

"Thousands upon thousands have pitched in the major leagues. Only 20 have won 300 games. Rich Westcott reveals how these men reached such an elite status with his Winningest Pitchers: Baseball's 300 Game Winners. It is a fascinating study of some of the greatest names in baseball."
Ed Hilt, Atlantic City Press

Table of Contents

Introduction 1. Pud Galvin: The First 300-Game Winner 2. Tim Keefe: Strong Will Prevails 3. Mickey Welch: A Lot to Smile About 4. Old Koss Radbourn: Never Too Tired to Pitch 5. John Clarkson: Thriving on Praise 6. Kid Nichols: No Decade More Dazzling 7. Cy Young: An Unapproachable Record 8. Christy Mathewson: Idol of the Masses 9. Eddie Plank: A Hitter's Nightmare 10. Walter Johnson: Fastball Was Fearsome 11. Grover Cleveland Alexander: From Triumph to Tragedy 12. Lefty Grove: Hot-Tempered Fireballer 13. Warren Spahn: The Complete Package 14. Early Wynn: Expert in Intimidation 15. Gaylord Perry: Master of Mind Games 16. Steve Carlton: No Distractions Allowed 17. Tom Seaver: Artist on the Mound 18. Phil Niekro: King of the Knuckleballers 19. Don Sutton: Never Missed a Turn 20. Nolan Ryan: Strikeout Specialist 21. Are 300-Game Winners a Vanishing Breed? Photo Credits About the Author

About the Author(s)

Rich Westcott has some idea of what it's like to stand on the mound and face an opposing hitter, having been a pitcher himself before it became apparent that his fingers were more useful pounding keyboards than gripping baseballs. He is the author of 12 previous, including, most recently, Great Home Runs of the 20th Century and A Century of Philadelphia Sports, both published by Temple. His career as a writer and editor has covered forty years, and he is the founder and for fourteen years served as editor and publisher of Phillies Report. Westcott lives in Springfield, Pennsylvania.