Social Movements and Political Power

Emerging Forms of Radicalism in the West

Carl Boggs
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"Boggs' account is informative, insightful, and provocative. His enthusiasm for new social movements does not blind him to their shortcomings." Political Science Quarterly

"A provocative book, one that deserves a wide reading among those who wish to understand the new movements. His analysis is an important contribution to understanding the transitions we are going through." Journal of the American Planning Association

"Carl Boggs has written one of the most comprehensive, stimulating, and provocative books we have on the ‘new social movements’ today. It deserves the highest praise for the issues it raises, its clarity of thought, and its splendid style. This is ‘must’ reading on the subject." Murray Bookchin, Emeritus Professor, Ramapo College

Table of Contents


1. The New Global Context of Social Movements

2. The Changing Universe of Political Opposition
The Historical Context • The Varieties of Popular Movements • Constituent Elements of A New Radicalism • Marxism and New Social Movements • From Social Movement to Political Strategy

3. Eurosocialism and the Search for a Third Road
The Social-Democratic Impasse • The Eurosocialist Alternative • The Dilemmas of Structural Reformism • The Consolidation of Bourgeois Hegemony

4. The American Context: From New Left to New Populism
New Populism, Marxism, and the Left • The Conquest of New Political Terrain • The Limits of Democratic Reform • Santa Monica: Institutionalization at the Grassroots • Popular Revolt and the Search for Community • New Populism and Beyond

5. The Green Alternative in West Germany
New Movements and the Rise of the Greens • Party of a New Type • An Ecological Mode of Development • New Cold War and the Peace Movement • The Green Predicament • The Diffusion of Green Politics

6. Social Movements and Radical Change
The Global Dimension • A New Phase of Class Politics • State Power and Political Strategy • Hegemony and Counterhegemony • Toward a Post-Marxist Radicalism


About the Author(s)

Carl Boggs teaches political science at the University of Southern California.