Readings in American Indian Law

Recalling the Rhythm of Survival

edited by Jo Carrillo
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33 works that introduce and conceptualize some of the most symbolically important areas of federal Indian law: identity, reparations, incommensurability, cultural property, tribal governance, and religious freedom

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This collection of works many by Native American scholars introduces selected topics in federal Indian law. Readings in American Indian Law covers contemporary issues of identity and tribal recognition; reparations for historic harms; the valuation of land in land claims; the return to tribal owners of human remains, sacred items, and cultural property; tribal governance and issues of gender, democracy informed by cultural awareness, and religious freedom.

Courses in federal Indian law are often aimed at understanding rules, not cultural conflicts. This book expands doctrinal discussions into understandings of culture, strategy, history, identity, and hopes for the future. Contributions from law, history, anthropology, ethnohistory, biography, sociology, socio-legal studies, and fiction offer an array of alternative paradigms as strong antidotes to our usual conceptions of federal Indian law.

Each selection reveals an aspect of how federal Indian law is made, interpreted, implemented, or experienced. Throughout, the book centers on the ever present and contentious issue of identity. At the point where identity and law intersect lies an important new way to contextualize the legal concerns of Native Americans.

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments

Part I: Identity and Organized Indian Life
Editor's Introduction
1. Identity in Mashpee – James Clifford
2. Mashpee: The Story of Cape Cod's Indian Town – Francis G. Hutchins
3. The Mashpee Indians: Tribe on Trial – Jack Campisi
4. Identity as Idiom: Mashpee Reconsidered – Jo Carrillo

Part II: Land Claims/Reparations
Editor's Introduction
5. Fort Sill Apache Tribe of State of Oklahoma v. United States
6. General Indian Title – Felix S. Cohen
7. Original Indian Title (Revisited) – Wilcomb E. Washburn
8. Indian Claims in the Courts of the Conqueror – Neil Jessup Newton
9. Epilogue – Nancy Oestreich Lurie
10. The Creation of a 'Court of Indian Affairs' – Vine Deloria Jr.
11. Imagining the Reservation – Sherman Alexie

Part III: Constitutive Incommensurables: Land, Culture, and History
Editor's Introduction
12. A Song from Sacred Mountain: Lakota-Dakota and Cheyenne Interviews
13. Who Owns the West? – William Kittredge
14. Legally Mediated Identity: The National Environmental Policy Act and the Bureaucratic Construction of Interests – Wendy Espeland
15. Essays on Environmental Justice: Large Binocular Telescopes, Red Squirrel Pinatas, and Apache Sacred Mountains: Decolonizing Environmental Law in a Multicultural World – Robert A. Williams, Jr.
16. Revision and Reversion – Vine Deloria, Jr.

Part IV: The Repatriation of Cultural Property
Editor's Introduction
17. A Brief Historical Survey of the Expropriation of American Indian Remains – Robert E. Bieder
18. Give Me My Father's Body – Kenn Harper
19. The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act: Background and Legislative History – Jack F. Trope and Walter R. Echo-Hawk
20. Congressional Hearings
21. Implementing the National Policy of Understanding, Preserving, and Safeguarding the Heritage of Indian Peoples and Native Hawaiians: Human Rights, Sacred Objects, and Cultural Patrimony – Rennard Strickland

Part V: Tribal Governance/Gender
Editor's Introduction
22. Native American Women – Rayna Green
23. Gender or Ethnicity: What makes a Difference? A Study of Women Tribal Leaders – Melanie McCoy
24. Mankiller: A Chief and Her People – Wilma Mankiller and Michael Wallis
25. Whose Culture? A Case Note on Martinez v. Santa Clara Pueblo – Catharine A. MacKinnon
26. The Legal Rights of American Indian Women – Genevieve Chato and Christine Conte
27. Domestic Violence and Tribal Protection of Indigenous Women in the United States – Gloria Valencia-Weber and Christine P. Zuni

Part VI: Religious Expression
Editor's Introduction
28. The Peyote Religion: A Narrative Account – Silvester J. Brito
29. Other Studies (of Sacred Places): What They Did and How They Did It – Klara Bonsack Kelley and Harris Francis
30. Zuni v. Platt Hank Meshorer, The Sacred Trail to Zuni Heaven: A Study in the Law of Prescriptive Easements
31. Achieving True Interpretation – Edmund J. Ladd

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Jo Carrillo is Visiting Professor of Law at Stanford Law School, where she is on leave from the University of California, Hastings College of Law.