The Heidegger Case

On Philosophy and Politics

Edited by Tom Rockmore
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Publication: Apr 92

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Publication: Apr 92

344 pages
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Original essays raising issues concerning Heidegger's involvement with the Nazis


The relation between Martin Heidegger's philosophical thought and his political commitment has been widely discussed in recent years, following the publication of Victor Farías's controversial study, Heidegger and Nazism, published in this country by Temple University Press. The Heidegger Case is a collection of original essays, by both American and European philosophers, on issues raised by Heidegger's involvement with the Nazis. The contributors consider such matters as the relationship between Heidegger's philosophical theories and his public statements and activities, the ways in which his ideas on social and political life compare with those of other philosophers, and the role of philosophy with respect to politics.


"(These) essays together form an extraordinary response, and radical but not self-righteous challenge, to Heidegger's unambiguous complicity with Hitler and Nazism....This book will provoke intense dialogue and controversy about issues which, for too long, too many philosophers have chosen either to gloss over or ignore."
Ronald E. Santoni

Table of Contents


Part I
1. Heidegger’s Apology: Biography as Philosophy and Ideology – Theodore Kisiel
2. Ontological Aestheticism: Heidegger, Junger, and National Socialism – Michael E. Zimmerman

Part II
3. Biographical Bases for Heidegger’s “Mentality of Disunity” – Hugo Ott
4. Heidegger, Nietzsche, and Politics – Otto Pöggeler
5. Heidegger and Hitler’s War – Domenico Losurdo

Part III
6. Heidegger and the Greeks – Rainer Marten
7. Heidegger and Praxis – Jacques Taminiaux
8. The History of Being and Political Revolution: Reflections on a Posthumous Work of Heidegger – Nicolas Tertulian

Part IV
9. Philosophy, Politics-and the “New” Questions for Hegel, for Heidegger, and for Phantasy – Hans-Christian Lucas
10. A Comment on Heidegger’s Comment on Nietzsche’s Alleged Comment on Hegel's Comment on the Power of Negativity – Leszek Kolakowski

Part V
11. Heidegger’s Scandal: Thinking and the Essence of the Victim – John D. Caputo
12. Heidegger and Politics: Some Lessons – Fred Dallmayr
13. Riveted to a Monstrous Site: On Heidegger’s Beiträge zur Philosophie – Reiner Schürmann

Part VI
14. Foreword to the Spanish Edition, Heidegger and Nazism – Victor Farías
15. The Purloined Letter – Dominique Janicaud
16. The Political Incompetence of Philosophy – Hans-Georg Gadamer

Part VII
17. Heidegger’s French Connection and the Emperor’s New Clothes – Tom Rockmore
18. Discarding and Recovering Heidegger – Joseph Margolis


About the Author(s)

Tom Rockmore is Professor of Philosophy at Duquesne University.

Joseph Margolis is Professor of Philosophy at Temple University. Professors Rockmore and Margolis edited Heidegger and Nazism (Temple) and wrote the Foreword.