Fighting Back in Appalachia

Traditions of Resistance and Change

Edited by Stephen L. Fisher
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Citizen resistance and struggle in Appalachia since 1960


Sixteen original essays document the extent and variety of citizen resistance and struggle in the Appalachian region since 1960. The contributors-all organizers or activist intellectuals-describe how and why some of the dramatic Appalachian resistance efforts and strategies have arisen.

Table of Contents

Introduction – Stephen L. Fisher

Part I: Building Grassroots Citizen Organizations
1. Stopping the Bulldozers: What Difference Did It Made? – Mary Beth Bingman
2. Like a Flower Slowly Blooming: Highlander and the Nurturing of an Appalachian Movement – John M. Glen
3. Racism and Organizing in Appalachia – Don Manning-Miller
4. From Fussin' to Organizing: Individual and Collective Resistance at Yellow Creek – Sherry Cable
5. Save Or Cumberland Mountains: Growth and Change within a Grassroots Organization – Bill Allen
6. Practical Lessons in Community Organizing in Appalachia: What We've Learned at Kentuckians for the Commonwealth – Joe Szakos
7. The Community Farm Alliance in Kentucky: The Growth, Mistakes, and Lessons of the 1980s Farm Movement – Hal Hamilton and Ellen Ryan

Part II: New Strategies in Labor Struggles
8. Appalachian Women Fight Back: Organizational Approaches to Nontraditional Job Advocacy – Chris Weiss
9. The Memory of Miners and the Conscience of Capital: Coalminers' Strikes as Free Spaces – Richard A. Couto
10. Singing Across Dark Spaces: The Union/Community Takeover of the Pittston Coal Company's Moss 3 Coal Preparation Plant – Jim Sessions and Fran Ansley
11. The People's Respirator: Coalition Building and the Black Lung Association – Bennett M. Judkins

Part III: Culture, Class, and Gender in Appalachian Resistance Movements
12. Sowing on the Mountain: Nurturing Cultural Roots and Creativity for Community Change – Guy and Candie Carawan
13. Engendering the Struggle: Women's Labor and Tradition of Resistance in Rural Southern Appalachia – Mary K. Anglin
14. Appalachian Studies, Resistance, and Postmodernism – Alan Banks, Dwight Billings, and Karen Tice
15. Politics, Expressive Form, and Historical Knowledge in a Blue Ridge Resistance Movement – Stephen William Foster
16. Conclusion: New Populist Theory and the Study of Dissent in Appalachia – Stephen L. Fisher
Dissent in Appalachia: A Bibliography – Stephen L. Fisher
Directory of Organizations
List of Contributors

About the Author(s)

Stephen L. Fisher is Hawthorne Professor of Political Science at Emory and Henry College in Emory, Virginia.