Feminism and Community

Edited by Penny A. Weiss and Marilyn Friedman
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Publication: Jun 95

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432 pages
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A rich collection of essays on the importance of community to women's social, cultural, and political relationships


This rich collection of essays explores a range of feminist perspectives on the importance of community to women's social, cultural, and political relationships. From the personal to the ethnographic to the theoretical, these essays discuss such topics as the viability of lesbian separatism, women and the Holocaust, interracial solidarity among women, the flaws in nonfeminist communitarianism, and the revolutionary prospects of feminist communities.


"Construing 'community' extremely broadly, from personal friendship to global dreams, this imaginative collection reveals the diversity of women's experiences in both traditional and feminist communities."
Alison M. Jaggar, Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder

"Feminism and Community is a stimulating and useful anthology investigating the issue of community from a variety of feminist perspectives."
Contemporary Women's Issues Database

Table of Contents

Preface – Marilyn Friedman
Introduction: Feminist Reflections on Community – Penny A. Weiss

Part I: Women in Traditional Communities
1. A Community of Secrets: The Separate World of Bedouin Women – Lila Abu-Lughod
2. A Letter from a Battered Wife – Del Martin
3. The Death of the Profane: A Commentary on the Genre of Legal Writing, – Patricia J. Williams
4. Burning Incense, Pledging Sisterhood: Communities of Women Workers in the Shanghai Cotton Mills, 1919-1949 – Emily Honig
5. The Tired Poem: Last Letter from a Typical Unemployed Black Professional Woman – Kate Rushin

Part II: Women in Feminist Communities
6. Separatism as Strategy: Female Institution Building and American Feminism, 1870-1930 – Estelle Freedman
7. Seizing the Means of Reproduction: An Illegal Feminist Abortion Collective: How and Why It Worked – Pauline B. Bart
8. The Furies Collective – Rita Mae Brown
9. Sisterhood and Friendship as Feminist Models – María C. Lugones (in collaboration with Pat Alake Rosezelle)
10. Breathing Life into Ourselves: The Evolution of the National Black Women's Health Project – Byllye Y. Avery
11. Lesbian Community: Heterodox Congregation – Marilyn Frye

Part III: Feminist Communitarianism
12. Feminism and Communitarianism: Comparing Critiques of Liberalism – Penny A. Weiss
13. Feminism and Modern Friendship: Dislocating the Community – Marilyn Friedman
14. Non-Contractual Society: A Feminist View – Virginia Held
15. The Ideal of Community and the Politics of Difference – Iris Marion Young
16. Feminism, Family, and Community – Jean Bethke Elshtain
17. Separating from Heterosexualism – Sarah Lucia Hoagland
18. Sisterhood: Political Solidarity between Women – bell hooks
19. Women and the Holocaust: A Reconsideration of Research – Joan Ringelheim
20. Feminism and Democratic Community – Jane Mansbridge
21. Feminist Communities and Moral Revolution – Ann Ferguson
22. If Not with Others, How? – Adrienne Rich

About the Contributors

About the Author(s)

Penny A. Weiss, Associate Professor of Political Science at Purdue University, is the author of Gendered Community: Rousseau, Sex, and Politics.

Marilyn Friedman, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Washington University, is the author of What Are Friends For? Feminist Perspectives on Personal Relationships and Moral Theory.