Family and Gender Among American Muslims

Issues Facing Middle Eastern Immigrants And Their Descendants

Barbara BilgÈ, and Barbara C. Aswad
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Diverse perspectives and groundbreaking research on gender and family issues affecting Muslim communities throughout North America

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Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Muslims have been immigrating to the United States from nations such as Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Previously underrepresented in ethnic studies literature, these nearly four million descendants of previous immigrants and the new arrivals have settled in large numbers in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Detroit, and other North American cities.

From the social and historical conditions of the Muslim migration to a range of issues affecting Muslim American life, the contributors provide new and valuable information on topics like intergenerational conflict about identity and values, intermarriage, religious and community involvement, gender and family structure, education, the needs of the elderly, and physical and mental health problems, including AIDS. In the final section, some of these issues are given a personal dimension through the life stories of several immigrants who relate their own experiences of adjusting to life in America.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations Preface Introduction – Barbara C. Aswad and Barbara Bilgé

Part I: Values, Structure, and Variation in the Muslim Family
1. Islamic Values among American Muslims – Yvonne Y. Haddad and Jane I. Smith
2. Immigrant Palestinian Women Evaluate Their Lives – Louise Cainkar
3. Turkish-American Patterns of Intermarriage – Barbara Bilgé
4. Iranian Immigrant Women as Entrepreneurs in Los Angeles – Arlene Dallalfar
5. Parents and Youth: Perceiving and Practicing Islam in North America – Nimat Hafez Barazangi
6. Sex and the Single Shi'ite: Attitudes toward Mut'a Marriage in an American Lebanese Shiite Community – Linda Walbridge
7. South Asian Families in the United States: Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Indian Muslims – Nilufer Ahmed, Gladis Kaufman, and Shamim Naim
8. The International Family: A Case Study from South Asia – Gladis Kaufman and Shamim Naim

Part II: Practical Issues for Families
9. Health Issues among Muslim Families in the Dearborn Michigan Area – Anahid Kulwicki
10. Knowledge and Perceptions of AIDS among Arab Muslims – Anahid Kuwicki and Penny S. Cass
11. Challenges to the Arab-American Family and ACCESS, a Local Community Center – Barbara C. Aswad and Nancy Adadow Gray
12. Ethnicity, Marriage, and Role Conflict: The Dilemma of a Second Generation Arab-American – Jon Swanson
13. Adolescent Arab Girls in an American High School – Charlene Eisenlohr
14. Care of the Elderly among Muslim Families – Mary Cay Sengstock

Part III: Immigrants' Life Stories
15. Life Experiences of Five Immigrants – Linda Walbridge

About the Authors

About the Author(s)

Barbara C. Aswad is Professor of Anthropology at Wayne State University and the author of Arabic Speaking Communities in American Cities.

Barbara Bilgé is Lecturer in Anthropology and Sociology at Eastern Michigan University and author of several articles on Turks and other Muslims in the Americas.