BLAM! Black Lives Always Mattered!

Hidden African American Philadelphia of the Twentieth Century

Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection
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EAN: 978-1-73729-280-7

164 pages
9 x 13.5


"Black Lives Always Mattered! represents a powerful project, documenting in a graphic novel genre, African American Philadelphians who over the last century have both achieved individually while simultaneously fighting against the structures of racism. These stories demonstrate the long-distance race of Black empowerment across generations. Each story demonstrates the power of resilience in the face of challenge and how building strong social networks and drawing on the cultural resources that have sustained people of African descent from the beginning of our presence in this country create success not only for our individual efforts but our collective well-being. Young people in Philadelphia can see these heroes and sheroes in the actual neighborhoods of Philadelphia. The project is a model for other efforts across the country to show young people the power of local organizing in their communities and the power of personal resilience."Carol D. Lee, Ph.D., Professor of Emeritus, Northwestern University