Families and Work

Edited by Naomi Gerstel and Harriet Engel Gross
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576 pages

Analyzing the connections between work and family


Emphasizing gender inequality in the past and present, this book analyzes the connections between work and family that produce conflict and change at home and in the marketplace.

Table of Contents

1. Women’s Inequality, and the Family – Dorothy E. Smith
2. The Dynamics of Kin in an Industrial Community –Tamara K. Hareven
3. Black Women, Work, and the Family Under Slavery – Jacqueline Jones
4. The Historical Problem of the Family Wage – Martha May
5. Gender, Race, and Class: The Impact of the State on Family and Economy, 1790-1945 – Eileen Boris and Peter Bardaglio
6. Women’s Work, Housework, and History: The Historical Roots of Inequality in Work Force Participation – Ruth Schwartz Cowan
7. Doing Housework: Feeding and Family Life – Marjorie L. DeVault
8. Male Resistance to Role Symmetry – Janet G. Hunt and Larry L. Hunt
9. Children’s Work in the Family: Its Meaning and Significance – Lynn K. White and David B. Brinkerhoff
10. The Hidden Work of Constructing Class and Community: Women Volunteer Leaders in Social Philanthropy – Arlene K. Daniels
11. Servants to Capital: Unpaid Domestic Labor and Paid Work – Nona Y. Glazer
12. How Women Choose Between Employment and Family – Kathleen Gerson
13. Family and Job for Working Class Women: Gender and Class Systems Seen from Below – Myra Marx Ferree
14. Female-Headed Households: Poor Women’s Choice – Marietta Morrissep
15. Marriage and Family of Blue Collar Men – David Halle
16. Work, Family, and Social Integration: The Salaried Middle Class – Robert Zussman
17. The Myth of Merit and Male Professional Career: The Role of Wives – Martha R. Fowlkes
18. Work, Family, and Socialization of the Child – Lois Hoffman
19. Children’s Employment and Families – Ellen Greenberger
20. Three Careers: His, Hers, and Theirs – Rosanna Hertz
21. Commuter Marriage: A Microcosm of Career and Family Conflict – Naomi Gerstel and Harriet Gross
22. Sexuality, Class, and Conflict in a Lesbian Workplace – Kathleen M. Weston and Lisa B. Rofel
23. Adjusting Work and Family Life: Flexible Work Schedules and Family Policy – Sheila M. Rothman and Emil Menlo Marks
24. Women, Families, and Home-Based Employment – Kathleen E. Christensen
25. The Pauperization of Motherhood: Patriarchy and Public Policy in the United States – Nancy Folbre
27. Women and the State: Ideology, Power, and the Welfare State – Frances Fox Piven
28. The Debate Over Equality for Women in the Work Place: Recognizing Differences – Alice Kessler-Harris

About the Author(s)

Naomi Gerstel is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Harriet Engel Gross is University Professor of Sociology at Governor's State University.


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